Guide to TV Wall Mount Bracket Types

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If you want to install a TV up to the wall, then you need TV mounting services for that. To make it happen, you’ll need to purchase the right TV wall mounting bracket. While you think that every TV mount is the same, there are at least four types of TV wall brackets that you can buy from stores.

TV Mounting

It’s important to know more about these brackets so you end up buying the right one. Like any other product, there are pros and cons to consider. The most common types of brackets are listed below. Learn more about them so you can choose the right one for your home.

1. Low-profile brackets

These low-profile brackets or TV wall mounting brackets are the ones that are easiest to install. They also cost the lowest compared to the other types. Using this type of bracket is just like hanging a picture on the wall. But while it’s easily placed up there, the downside is that you can’t adjust the TV after it is mounted. These brackets offer a fixed installation option, unlike the ones that can be tilted or moved up and down. The disadvantage of that is that it can be quite difficult to attach or remove cables on the back of the TV.

2. Tilting brackets

Tilting wall mount brackets are an upgrade to the low-profile brackets so you can expect that it costs a little bit more. These brackets may no support the full motion, but they are a lot better than the fixed option. This bracket supports vertical viewing adjustment too. Think of this mount with a lever or seesaw at the center. You can do minimal adjustments to connect the cables and to improve your viewing experience.

3. Full-motion brackets

If you need a swiveling function for your mounted TV, then there are the bracket that you should buy. But while these TV wall mount brackets support a full motion, they do come at a certain cost. These brackets are quite expensive and at times, quite difficult to install. There are simply a lot of moving pieces here and to do everything right, you need at least two people to help you out in installing it.

4. Ceiling Mount Brackets

There are times when you can’t install the TV on the wall, so you have to attach it from the ceiling. There’s a bracket available for that too, and it is called the ceiling mount brackets. These brackets go to the ceiling and it can tilt and rotate in different directions. This is highly recommended for home theaters with limited spaces. It’s a bit difficult to install this type of a bracket and it’s really important that you attach the mount safely.

Which One to Choose

Among all of these options, the best one to install is the full-motion wall mount. It allows you to move the flat panel towards or away from the wall as needed. It’s the best option that provides the most functionality. It has a movable arm that allows the TV to swivel on its axis.

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