Classic and Modern Catering Ideas

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The catering world has blown into proportions beyond imagination. Exciting food items have graced the most innovative food stations that tickle man’s five senses. Name it, from chocolates to sweets, they all have been used to their fullest. On top of food items, food contractors have also discovered the juxtaposition of both classic and modern dishes in food station presentation.

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Reimagining the classic raclette

For it to stay exciting and relevant, especially to the different generation, cheapest caterer has to reimagine the classics. They still have to stick on how it’s served but they have to give a fresh twist. Too much of a twist in dish becomes dangerous for it’ll already be hard to recognize.

Say in the case of raclettes. A raclette is a cheese that has to be melted first, then scraped for the starch to receive. Traditionally, it comes with relatively small sizes. The scraped part is then distributed to boiled potatoes. However, caterers gave it a whimsical spin by using giant cheese wheels. The wheels are still subject to melting. But the scraping goes to a lot of food items. These include pasta, baby vegetables, and pretzel rolls.

A variety of meat is also considered like chipotle buffalo, apple chicken, boar sausage infused with cranberry, and kielbasa (a Polish sausage that is heavy on garlic). This setup is well applauded because of its visual appeal and versatility. Aside from the cheeses, caterers allow the attendees to do pairings with fun toppings like Dijon mustard, black cherry preserve, and plum preserve. Indeed, eating raclettes is now reimagined with solid visuals of big cheeses and strong yet complementing flavor profiles. Chefs and caterers lead in doing the raclette session.

Gasping at molecular gastronomy

MG is the newest trend in setting up innovative food stations among caterers. To be more technical about this term, it’s a part of food science that begs to investigate both chemical and physical transformations of ingredients in the cooking process. It involves materials that aren’t necessarily present in conventional kitchens like liquefied nitrogen.

One technique that is famous in this subdiscipline is deconstruction- it bears out components of one dish and is being presented in a way that is new to the people. Famous deconstructed dishes include gastro tank lobster sandwiches, s’mores, philly cheesesteaks, and apple pies.

A lot of people are intimidated by the visuals but once they get educated by caterers on how to eat it, they feel playful on eating it. Such is the case of Cuban sandwich. The classic take is already a home run winner because of its play on creamy textures and spicy flavors. However, molecular gastronomy has amped up this humble sandwich. The slow-roasted pork with applewood-smoked ham is paired with blowtorched fillings of red chili sauce, mustard, olive oil, and the star of this creation, Gruyere cheese. Blowtorching has contributed an interesting layer of flavor to this Cuban favorite.

The amazement of guests surely ignites the caterer’s interaction with them. They always feel that molecular gastronomy is best experienced when it is explained properly.

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